GH232T Series Reversing Relay

GH232T Series Reversing Relay
The purpose of the GH232T is to reduce the cushion load to the actuator in proportion to the positioner output pressure. This effectively provides the advantage of a full reversal positioner by providing full differential pressure across the actuator piston if necessary.

There are three active pressure chambers in the GH232T. The chambers are labeled S, B and C on the sectional drawing. The supply pressure is connected to the port marked “IN”. Note that this port is also connected to the chamber designated “S”. The positioner output pressure is connected to the middle port marked “B”. The output of the GH232T is ported to chamber “C”.

The operation of the GH232T can be explained by evaluating the balance of forces on the diaphragm assembly. In equilibrium, the upward forces must balance the downward forces. Note that there are two sizes of diaphragm area in this device. The effective area of the larger diaphragm is equal to two times the area of the smaller diaphragm.

Dimensional images

Caution: Maximum Supply Pressure is 100 PSI.
Unit has two ¼” NPT connections. Port “B” is 1/8” NPT.
It is recommended that a filtered air supply be used.
Check all connections for leakage after installation.