CE Marking

The Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) 2014/68/EU requires pressure equipment destined for Europe to have a CE mark, and that the equipment meets all aspects of the directive. The PED is a directive that applies to the design, manufacture and conformity assessment of pressure equipment and pressure assemblies. All equipment covered by the directive must comply with essential safety requirements and meet the equivalent national laws of the member countries.


To ensure that products destined for Europe meet the requirements of the PED, it is necessary to determine the proper PED classification for the pressure equipment. In the PED, pressure equipment is classified into one of the following categories, based on pressure and volume assessments within the PED:

SEP (Sound Engineering Practice)

  • Category I
  • Category II
  • Category III
  • Category IV

SEP Products

The SEP classification applies to pressure equipment that is not subject to Category I, II, III or IV conformity assessment, but must be designed and manufactured with "sound engineering practice" as defined by the PED.

Furthermore, SEP classified product do not, and can not, receive a CE mark based on the PED alone.

All Conoflow low pressure regulators (model suffix GFH, FR, GDH and GH), high pressure regulators (HP), transducers (GT) and accessories (VB, GC and GJ), fall within the SEP category of the PED. Most of the linear actuator products also fall within the SEP category of the PED. These products cannot bear the CE mark based on the PED alone.