GT210 Miniature Transducers

miniature transducer, proportional pneumatic transducer
Conoflow’s Electropneumatic Miniature Transducers accept a variety of electrical input signals and convert them to proportional pneumatic output signals. The miniature transducer is available with two different circuit boards. One board accepts current inputs of 4-20/10-50 mA DC and the other accepts inputs of 0-5/ 1-9 VDC. Each board utilizes a range selector jumper switch which can be positioned to accept a 4-20 or 10-50 mA DC input or a 0-5 or 1-9 VDC input, respectively.
  • Supply Pressure Effect: 0.08 PSIG decrease for every 10 PSIG increase in supply pressure
  • Air Consumption: 0.1 SCFM (0.003 m3/min)
  • Air Delivery Rate (Max.): 4 SCFM (0.1113 m3/min)
  • Exhaust Rate (Max.): 1.5 SCFM (0.042 m3/min)
  • Linearity: ± 0.75% of Span
  • Temperature Range Ambient: 0° to +130°F (-17° to +55°C)
  • Approx. Shipping Weight: 1.7 lbs. (0.77 Kg)
See data sheet for more details
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