HP700 High Pressure Two-Stage Regulator

HP700 High Pressure Two-Stage Regulator
Conoflow’s HP700 Series regulator is a two-stage, high purity unit designed to provide constant outlet pressure regardless of inlet pressure fluctuations. This unit is available in either brass or stainless steel construction. Maximum supply pressure rating for either material is 3500 PSIG (24.2 MPa). To provide optimum performance in specific applications, this unit is offered with relieving, non-relieving, and tied (non-relieving) diaphragm options.

Typical applications for the HP700 regulator are gas chromatography, calibration systems, cylinder gases, and precise regulation of corrosive and non-corrosive media. Adjustment within each of five available ranges is made with a standard large handwheel. A wrench style knob with a locking device and a “T” bar handle are available as optional adjustments. This unit is supplied with 1/4” inlet and outlet connections. Inlet and outlet gauge ports (1/4” NPT) are standard. High purity internal connections and VCR, Vacuseal and Ultra Seal welded fittings are optional. Captured bonnets for both stages are standard. This regulator is designed for reliability with an absolute minimum of maintenance.

The characteristics are a result of Conoflow’s high standards of manufacturing and years of experience as a leading manufacturer of pneumatic instrumentation.
Maximum Supply Pressure:
  • 3500 PSIG (24.2 MPa)
  • 6000 PSIG (41.40 MPa) available, refer to Control Engineering Data
Control Setting Ranges:
  • 4 - 25 PSIG (0.03 - 0.173 MPa)
  • 4 - 50 PSIG (0.03 - 0.345 MPa)
  • 5 - 100 PSIG (0.04 - 0.690 MPa)
  • 5 - 150 PSIG (0.04 - 1.04 MPa)
  • 6 - 250 PSIG (0.04 - 1.73 MPa)
Proof Pressure: 150% maximum operating
Burst Pressure: 400% maximum operating
Flow Capacity: Cv  - 0.14 (See Flow Graph)
Orifice Diameter: 0.110” (Both Stages)
Supply Pressure Effect: 0.03 PSIG (0.0002 MPa) decrease for a 100 PSIG (0.690 MPa) supply decrease
Operating and Fluid Temperature Range: -40°F to +165°F (-40°C to +74°C)
Leakage: 2 x 10-8 atm cc/sec helium (In Board and Main Valve)
Maximum Operating Torque:
  • 35 in-lbs. (40.3 Kg-cm)
  • 30 in-lbs.(34.5 Kg-cm) for brass model
Ports: 1/4" NPTF supply and outlet. 1/4" gauge ports (80°). Other porting sizes and configurations available.
Weight (Without gauges): 3.25 lbs. (1.5 Kg)

Materials of Construction:

  • Body: Brass/316 SS/316LSS/N.A.C.E 316SS
  • Bonnet: Brass/Plated Brass
  • Main Valve Seat: Kel-F/Teflon (All Kel-F design optional)
  • Diaphragm and Trim: 316 Stainless Steel/Elgiloy - N.A.C.E.
  • Inner Friction Bushings: PFA Teflon
  • Filter: 316SS Screen (120 mesh)

Dimensional images