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High Pressure Regulators

high-purity regulator, purge gas regulator

HP500 High-Purity Regulator

The HP500 High Pressure Reducing Regulator is a self-contained, diaphragm sensing high purity regulator. A broad offering of construction materials and five control pressure ranges allow for applications that include regulating specialty gasses, gas chroma...

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HP300 High Pressure Reducing Regulator

The Conoflow HP300 High Pressure Regulator is designed to accurately control supply pressures up to 10,000 PSIG (69 MPa). This piston sensing, self-relieving regulator allows pressure setting reduction in a closed system by relieving downstream pressure thr...

self-contained regulator, economical regulator

HP400 Self-Contained Regulator

Conoflow's HP400 is a piston-sensing, self-contained pressure reducing regulator. High inlet and outlet pressures allow use of this regulator in component testing, calibration systems, manufacturing processes and other applications that require an economica...

two-stage regulator

HP600 High Pressure Tied Diaphragm Regulator

Conoflow’s HP600 has 1/4" NPT inlet and outlet connections. Inlet and outlet gauge ports are standard. High purity internal connections and VCR, Vacuseal and Ultra Seal welded fittings are available upon request. Line and rear mounting are standard for this...

HP610 High Flow Reducing Regulator

HP610 High Flow Reducing Regulator

ITT Conoflow’s HP610 is a high purity, self-contained, spring-loaded, pressure reducing regulator. This unit is designed for use in applications requiring high flow rates and the ability to relieve outlet media pressure. Non-relieving models are also availa...

HP700 High Pressure Two-Stage Regulator

HP700 High Pressure Two-Stage Regulator

Conoflow’s HP700 Series regulator is a two-stage, high purity unit designed to provide constant outlet pressure regardless of inlet pressure fluctuations. This unit is available in either brass or stainless steel construction. Maximum supply pressure rating...