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ITT Fuel Regulators Drive Greener Vehicle Emissions

The number of vehicles fueled by compressed natural gas is expanding, and ITT fuel regulators are a key contributor to this eco-trend.

Today, there are an estimated 23 million vehicles in the world running on compressed natural gas (CNG). The US has over 175,000 of these vehicles including around 5,500 school buses, 6,000 refuse trucks, and 11,000 Transit vehicles. Chances are if you’ve seen one of these, it utilizes our ITT Conoflow regulator!

ITT's Conoflow regulators for compressed natural gas are enabling trucks and buses to emit fewer types of pollutants and cut greenhouse gas emissions. Vehicles that consume compressed natural gas emit fewer types of pollutants and cut greenhouse gas emissions by about 20 percent compared to gasoline. CNG can also cut pump prices by 30 percent and the cost of natural gas price has remained consistent as compared to Diesel and gasoline. All of this leads to a cleaner, safer and less expensive option compared to other fuels.

Many owners of large fleets including cities, governments and business continue to upgrade their vehicles to this technology. New studies have also shown that CNG vehicles are less expensive to own and have higher uptimes than the electric types.

Our CNG Regulator Outperforms the Competition

To use CNG as a fuel for vehicle engines, engine management systems incorporate a regulator to reduce the supply of the compressed natural gas stored in the tanks to a constant and stable output pressure. The ITT regulator outperforms competitors when it comes to cooling and decompressing the gas without creating potentially damaging moisture and icing issues.
With over 50 US manufacturers and their 100 plus engine options, ITT Conoflow continues to be the industry standard and best performing regulator in the Heavy duty (5.0 Liter and above) market.

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