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Low Pressure, Pressure Reducing and Vacuum Regulators from ITT Conoflow.

ITT Conoflow products are manufactured to industry standards and our own high expectations and are backed by years of experience as a leading producer of precision built and pneumatic instruments; low pressure and high pressure regulators, actuators, positioners, transducers and diaphragm seals. Our line of low pressure Airpak® filter regulators as well as our GFX-Series Filters are designed to provide clean, accurate air to instruments such as; valves, positioners, transducers and other pneumatic control devices. We also feature Cushion Loading regulators, Manual Loading regulators, Miniature regulators, Pressure Reducing regulators, and Vacuum and Differential regulators. Along with low pressure regulators for Ratio or Flow Boosting Relays and Back Pressure regulation.

FR95 Airpak® Filter-Regulator by Conoflow

Conoflow's FR95 Series Airpak®, Filter-Regulator is used to provide clean, accurate air to instruments, valves, positioners, transducers and other pneumatic control devices. This units design provides high flow capability, durable materials of construction and bubble tight shut-off.

» Read the FR95 Datasheet  

GFH45 Airpak® Filter-Regulator by Conoflow

Conoflow’s GFH45 Series Airpak® Filter-Regulator is widely used to provide clean, regulated air pressure to instruments and controls, automatic machinery and other pneumatic devices.

» Read the GFH45 Datasheet  

GFX02/GFX04 Series Filters by Conoflow

Conoflow’s GFX Series Filters are used to provide clean air to instruments and other pneumatic devices. The 35 micron filter removes foreign particles from the air allowing intermediate and final control devices to operate at peak efficiency.

» Read the GFX02/GFX04 Datasheet  

GH04 Series Cushion Loading Regulator by Conoflow

The model GH04 Cushion Loading Regulator is a compact unit designed for industrial and commercial services requiring a constant, regulated air pressure. Primarily used as a cushion loading device for Conoflow Piston Actuators, this unit’s design and high exhaust capabilities lend itself to many other application requirements.

» Read the GH04 Datasheet  

GH10/GPG Series Manual Loading Regulators by Conoflow

Conoflow’s GH10 Manual Loading Regulators are precision units designed for use in laboratory environments, remote loading of pneumatic devices, speed changers and other general purpose applications.

» Read the GH10/GPH Series Datasheet  

GH20, GH40 & GH25 Series Service & Pressure Reducing Regulators by Conoflow

Conoflow’s Service (GH20 Series) and Pressure Reducing (GH25 Series) Regulators are rugged units with flow capacities and performance characteristics which allow the units to operate in both instrument and industrial applications. For applications where positive shut-off and minimum air consumption are required, the soft-seated nozzle GH40 versions are available.

» Read the GH20, GH40 and GH25 Series Datasheet  

GH20VT/GH28VT Series Vacuum Regulators by Conoflow

Conoflow’s Vacuum Regulators are designed to accurately regulate the sub-atmospheric pressure of a vessel being evacuated. These units are especially suited for laboratory work and test stands for simulation of high altitude conditions.

» Read the GH20VT/GH28VT Series Datasheet  

GH21 & GDH21 Series Differental Pressure Regulators by Conoflow

Conoflow’s Differential Pressure Regulators are used to maintain a constant pressure differential across a variable or fixed orifice, providing a constant flow rate regardless of variations in upstream or downstream pressure. Various forms of differential pressure regulators are available.

» Read the GH21 & GDH21 Series Datasheet  

GH22 Series Ratio or Flow Boosting Relay by Conoflow

The Conoflow GH22 Series Relay is used to boost, amplify or reduce the pneumatic signal of a controller or similar instrument in a predetermined ratio. Using an independent supply pressure for greater flow volume, the unit relays an instrument signal to a final control element such as a valve actuator.

» Read the GH22 Datasheet  

GH30 Series Back Pressure Regulator by Conoflow

The Conoflow Series GH30 Back Pressure Regulator is used to maintain a constant upstream pressure of gas, vapor or liquid. Designed for accurate regulation under low flow conditions, these units are widely used for protection of analysis instrumentation or as a relief valve in supply pressure lines to control devices.

» Read the GH30 Series Datasheet  

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